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Go Camping Catalogue

Using the great outdoors to your advantage.

Solar Marine

Save money and up-to 90% on fuel costs with our marine grade energy product solutions. 

Solar Lighting Solutions

Off-grid solutions to everyday essentials. 

Social Energy

Off-grid solutions to everyday essentials. 

Commercial On-grid


Help your business save and store energy, from our on-grid inverters to batteries helping save energy from your provider for you when its at its cheapest

Garage Workshop Products

Industrial grade lighting & energy saving products. All designed by our award winning engineers.

Go Fishing

Stay connected and well lit with our collection of products perfect for all experienced levels.

Solar Air Conditioning

If your in a hot office and want to save money to working on industrial equipment like cranes and in static buildings this is the product for you!.

100% off-grid and will cost you nothing to run. 

Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Perfect for the hospitality industry, if you have beach huts or holiday cabins or if you are living where electricity is not always 100% reliable then we have the products that will help add

consistency and reliability.

Contractor Products

Industrial grade products, durable, strong and energy saving products that you will find you can't work without. 

String Inverters & Accessories

A catalogue dedicated to our famous energy saving string inverters. 

Commercial Power Saving 


From restaurants to bars and offices to child minders and stores, this is the way to save money within your business. 

Off-grid Photography 

Charging Products

Drive your hybrid car for free with our free drive energy solutions.