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9 Feb 2024


February 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    Maximise Profits: Installer Tips for a Lucrative 2024!
    Interview with Phil Gough, Director of Sunsynk Mobile: Revolutionising Portable Power
    The Advantages of LiFePO4 Batteries: LiFePO4 vs. Traditional Li-Ion: A Technical Overview
    Revenue Boost: Increase your revenue in 2024 through up-selling.
    Industry Pulse: A New Dawn for Home Energy Solutions with VAT-Free Sunsynk Products
    Sunsynk Updates: Sunsynk Leisure Division: Powering the Great Escape

8 Mar 2024


March 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    Power For All
    Interview with Yuren Liu
    and the product that is making energy
    management accessible to all!
    Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
    and other incentives

5 Apr 2024


April 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    Power the Park
    Interview with Andrew McIvor
    EV Travels 1000 Miles in 1 Day
    Renewable Energy Funding Scheme
    Indonesia's Climate Change
    Renewable Energy Act 2023 Explained
    Saint Helena

3 May 2024


May 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    New Opportunities
    Interview with Joel Egan
    Opening a New Market
    South Africa
    Food for Thought
    Sustainable Saudi
    UK Opportunities in the retail sector

3 Jun 2024


June 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    New Tech In Solar
    Introducing The Electric Generator
    Interview with Dave Watkins Sunsynk’s Field Sales Technical Manager,
    A Solar Future The Innovative Solar Panel Technologies,
    Know Your Market Tailoring Your Approach to Different Solar Customer Motivations,
    Understanding Capital Allowances Tax Relief for UK PV Installers & Their Clients,
    Thailand: The Journey to Net-Zero The Journey to Net-Zero in the Land of Smiles,

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July 2024 Edition "FIRST IN THE KNOW"

    Election Energy Policy Update.
    Interview with Dino Malajika. South African Technician and his remarkable background.
    The Immanent UK Election. Where the Parties Stand on Energy and the Environment.
    The Vital Role in Battery Storage. Allowing homeowners to manage their own energy.
    Rent-to-Own Solar. Unlocking clean energy for all.
    The Renewable Energy Revolution. The need to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.
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