Solar panels on roof


Welcome to the Lifelynk® Trolley, a portable power source designed to provide power to construction site technicians, vehicle mechanics, remote locations or simply environments both industrial and domestic, where power supply is non-existent or unreliable. Each trolley is fitted with two wheels and two rubber feet to keep the trolley firmly in place once located to a useful position.


Trolley 1000 [1075Wh]
Trolley 2000 [2150Wh]


Both versions are exactly the same apart from the battery size meaning that the Trolley 2000 can power more appliances for longer than the Trolley 1000. In the case of the ‘Trolley-1000’ it is feasible to run a 100W appliance for 10hrs while the same device can run for 20hrs with the Trolley-2000!

Built-in Lithium Phosphate battery packs provide reliable and safe power storage. Both Trolleys have inverters and can be charged by AC Mains supply or from a DC Solar Array and can supply both AC and DC power via its assorted sockets. Load-level indication is provided by a row of LEDs which will gradually reduce in number as the power decreases.

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