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Basic understanding of the Sunsynk inverter

Below is the video from the training course 25th of March 2 021, presented by Keith Gough discussing the Sunsynk hybrid inverters.

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Sunsynk Connect is the ultimate remote monitoring system! 📲✨ Now you can monitor your savings and control your inverter from anywhere, anytime. Whether you're at home, at work, or on vacation, Sunsyn

2 million watt Inverter

sunsynk is about to introduce a massive game changer into the arena. Take a look at this video.

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Niel de Villiers
Niel de Villiers
25 mars 2021

Good evening can you please do a video on combining the Sunsynk inverter with the sunsynk lithium battery


Anyone done a 3phase with 3 x 8kW Sunsynk inverters? Maybe can share info and experience?

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