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Octopus and Sunsynk

#octopus and #sunsynk how to make money from your inverter battery system a must watch

Note, all Sunsynk inverters can charge and discharge at the full capacity if it is a 3.6 kW inverter. Can both discharge and charge that rating.

Sunsynk produce inverters from 2 kW to multi megawatt systems.

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I think your developers should get together with octopus developers.

If octopus were to provide an API that can be called with the [Octopus] customer key and returns the import and export prices for the customer irrespective of customer tariffs

The Sunsynk connect app could make the call then use the present agile code to determine buying and selling times.

Why is this different?

Essentially, it will work with agile, flux, cosy, any other new tariff with no further code changes needed. Indeed if the data request was made frequently - octopus could dynamically set the selling price and get power immediate upload ir download.

The application oarameter set up would be

Energy company name

Customer key

Make the format…

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I'm an end user. My installation appears to be working correctly but the export data provided by the Inverter and Sunsynk app does not tally with the figures quoted by Octopus. Fortunately, Octopus reckon I am exporting much more than shown by the app. As a result I have no confidence in the app data, other than the battery SOC which seems to make sense.

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Have you got a Landis Gyr SMETS2

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Have tried this today. Started charging the battery at 2 and didn't stop importing at 5 🤔. Got to 4pm and wasn't exporting. Can confirm this doesn't work.

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I had EXACTLY the same experience after switching on the Live connection rates. Woke up at 5am to hear the thermostatic fan running that I fitted in the loft to keep the inverter cool. I checked the app and immediately saw that it was still importing energy after the low cost Octopus Flux tariff had ended. Then at 4:00 pm it did not start exporting from my batteries as it should have done so I am again reduced to a very clunky dig down in the inverter settings twice a day to change the System priority between "Limited to Home" and "Selling Priority" twice a day at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm.

Spoke to my installer who agreed there was…

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Is there a video or simple instructions on the setup, timings and discharge etc…Manual appears very cumbersome to navigate through


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Set mine to the flux setting a couple of weeks ago. My battery now seems to charge between 2am and 5am, and we are exporting ftom 4pm till 7pm. Does that mean it is working? I'm still learning about all this so any advice on setup would be welcome. We are low users and have 20 panels with sunsynk inverter and battery.

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Read your post. I’m fairly new but trying to get my Sunsynk system to charge the battery overnight which you appear to have achieved. I’ve followed advice in videos and manual with no success. Could you share your secret wth me? Maybe a phone call?


me Chester

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