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‘We try harder'

It's one of the most famous advertising lines of all time... And it could have been written about us. But it wasn't. Bob Townsend, who helped turn also-ran Avis into a car rental giant, hired a top ad agency which spent 90 days talking to the staff to learn the business.

Their research led to one question: 'Why does anyone ever rent a car from you?'' And the answer led to the famous slogan:

‘We try harder'

It was believable and compelling. And it repositioned Hertz, the number one in the market, as being too big to care.

You never know how good your vendor/supplier is until things go wrong.

How many other manufacturers of solar inverters and solar batteries offer the support level Sunsynk offers

1- Central support centre manned by European multi-language operators and engineers.

2- The second in-app support centre that operates seven days a week, 24 / 7, manned by a team of engineers that help your customer directly with inverter settings.

3- We also have engineering teams on the ground in South Africa, UK, Europe and SE Asia

4- Multi-Language App and UI

Our new servers are all hosted in Europe.

Often, our call centre receives calls about competitor products, desperate for help and advice where we can. We always point them in the right direction in China.

We try Harder

How can we also claim that we have more experience than most of our competitors in the markets we operate in?

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Charl Le Roux
Charl Le Roux
Nov 21, 2023

I phoned the technical support line in SA, got through to the technical support voicemail system which informed me that the mailbox is full, so I can't leave a message, and put down the phone. How am I supposed to call Sunsynk?


Unknown member
Nov 17, 2023

Hi Keith.

With your "We try harder" and "How many other manufacturers of solar inverters and solar batteries offer the support level Sunsynk offers" may I ask what is your take on warranty repair SLA's? 1 day, 2 to 10 days or months?

Having a Sunsynk solar installation to circumvent load shedding in South Africa is nice - except when Sunsynk is now the cause of loadshedding due to warranty repairs taking long.

Any feedback will be welcome.




Nov 16, 2023

2nd Update, it's been 8 days since I put my comment at the bottom below and over 6 weeks since I raised a ticket but someone has finally got back to me!

They've told me they're passing it to someone else!

I am not making this up.



I agree entirely with the previous poster. The service that I have received so far from Sunsynk has been painfully slow and generally unhelpful. The technical "experts" often do not appear to understand the problem being described, which I could attribute to language barriers. However the potential solutions that are often given seem to indicate that the advisors have very little technical knowledge of the equipment and systems that they are supposed to be helping with. Or indeed that they have any actual experience of the same as end users.

The fanfared data migration has been an absolute farce, which seems to be causing more and more problems as the days and weeks go on. I was really keen to…


Unknown member
Nov 10, 2023

This is such an embarrassing email - is Keith so out of touch with what average users are currently encountering. I have 5 open tickets that I know are not show stoppers but they are sitting there for weeks now with no updates.

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