Portable storage devices The Sunsynk Pocket Power Station has similarities to other portable storage devices in its outlook, however underneath its shockproof shell is a totally different device which can provide mains power to 3-4 devices for 5 hours once fully charged. It comes in two versions that can deliver either 110 volts or 230V AC and it can be charged by either solar panels, mains power or DC battery power. For environments where mains power is non-existent It delivers 150W for 1 hour or 40W for 4 hours. The smaller version has only one lithium-ion battery while the larger model Pocket Power Station 2 can take two and can therefore last twice as long. The Pocket Power Station is capable of running devices in those environments where mains power is non-existent or being fitted to those power systems that might be vulnerable to power outages as a back-up or uninterrupted power supply.  Accessories In order to increase the ability of the Pocket Power Station (1-2) to operate independently and assist people in areas cut off from mains supply, we have introduced a range of batteries and a 30W solar panel which should benefit the user greatly.

Pocket Power Station

  • Traveling with the Pocket Power Station buyers should remind themselves however, that they can only fly with the 100Wh and 150Wh batteries in hand luggage as the other will have to be transported via surface. (160Wh is the limit for lithium-ion batteries on airlines in hand luggage)