Do it yourself solar kit with our plug and play off-grid system. Have FREE electricity when you need it without the need of an electrician. The Power Bank 300 is charged by the sun and stores enough power to run a TV for 28 hours off a single charge! The kit includes 200W’s of solar panels 1kW internal battery storage, all mounting and connection equipment to get you powered up.

Power Bank 300 (Promo)

SKU: PB300 (Promo)
  • 2 x 100W Solar Panels

    1 x Power Bank 300

    Inverter 4 x 250W

    Li-ion Battery Packs

    2 x Solar Panel Fixing Kits

    1 x Multi-Socket Power Strip

    Cabling [2x5m Plus Connectors]

    4 x DC Connectors

    1 x Manual