Street light performance Sunsynk has introduced a new addition to its Power House range of free standing high powered solar lighting. It performs like a street light and provides good illumination throughout the hours of darkness, it can be set to run on either 25 or 50 Watts. It is a self contained unit that includes both the light and solar panel plus connections. Includes (GT) Profile Driver.


It comes with its own metal pole and base, and can be mounted to provide lighting in the secondary road environment, around farms, gardens and courtyards. What is exceptional about this model is that our unique Global Tech (GT) Profile Driver maximises the battery and solar charge to provide a more powerful street light that will run for 5-10hrs (depending on sunlight available during charging).  


Power Output

•  The GT Profile Driver is programmed by an algorithm employing a combination of real-time clock, battery power and charge time so that maximum power can  be delivered during early evening times when activity is greatest.


•  There are two modes of operations; 25W & 50W mode (a) 25W gives 2,600 lumens for 10 hours  (b) 50W gives 5,200 lumens for 5 hours.


• Ideal charge-time is 6 sun hours

Power House Courtyard Light

SKU: 40362022/PHSL
  • • Multi-bracket to support both the light and solar array

    • Full fixing kit plus all screws and connecting cables

    • Comes with pole and baseplate as a complete set

    • 30W solar array that can deliver up-to 200Wh everyday (based on 6 sun hours)

    • 150Wh lithium-ion power pack

    • 50W LED fitting

    • GT Linx charge controller

    • GT Profile Driver

    • Choice of LED fittings