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Powerful portable power source

The Pocket Power Station is capable of running devices in those environments where mains power is non-existent or being fitted to those power systems that might be vulnerable to power outages as a back-up or uninterrupted power supply.

The Sunsynk Pocket Power Station has similarities to other portable storage devices in its outlook, however underneath its shockproof shell is a totally different device which can provide mains power to 3-4 devices for 5 hours once fully charged.

Portable solar lighting kit

​​Have light anywhere and anytime with our solar-powered Two & Four Light Kits. A practical outdoor system that comes with its own power bank. It is easy to set up and the parts are plug-and-play.


The power bank has a lithium-ion battery installed for longevity and efficient power storage while a silicon solar panel collects power from sunlight and charges the battery.


Illumination is provided by the LED lamps that have in-line switches. While in use the battery status can be monitored by the LED display and extra USB outlets allow charging of mobile phones.

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Foldable Solar Panel
Portable power source

Our light-weight and foldable solar panels are also a perfect addition to our Pocket Power Station range. Three solar panels fitted into a black codura fabric wallet with a Velcro seal, which is highly durable and portable.


The foldable panel benefits the power stations by producing solar power anywhere in the world therefore giving the user unlimited access to electricity in areas off the grid.   The 35 Watt panel can fully charge the Pocket Power Station 1 (with a 150W battery pack) in 4.5 hours of good sunshine.


This makes the panel a useful item to have when travelling with your Pocket Power Station especially when camping or working in the outdoor environment. Made with polycrystalline cells in a black codura fabric wallet.

Charge your smart phone

Lightweight and portable solar panel made from monocrystaline its waterproof, scratch resistant and UV resistant and has a built in USB socket and can be used to charge mobile phones or mini power banks.


In direct sunlight it will take 5 hours to charge the average smartphone.

Portable Solar Charger
Request our Catalogue

To find out more and see what we have to offer, please contact us and request our catalogue. We are happy to help with any questions you may have. 

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