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Register your Sunsynk
System for Warranty


Please fill out the form below to register your Sunsynk system for warranty. 

UK ONLY: If you're based in the UK your Sunsynk products are automatically covered under warranty. Proof

of purchase from your installer will stand as warranty, failure to present this will result in the warranty being voided. UK warranty registrations via this form are still accepted by Sunsynk.

SA ONLY: If you're based in South Africa you are required to submit a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC), along with all required documentation. Failure to provide this documentation may result in the warranty registration being unsuccessful.

Please note: Warranty is void if data is entered incorrectly. MUST INCLUDE A PRODUCT SERIAL NUMBER.

Search your Existing
Warranty Registration

You can conveniently search for your warranties using the form below by entering your serial number.

Please note: If you've previously registered your current system using the old warranty registration form on or before 24/04/2024, your information is not searchable on the new system.

If you wish to modify or update your registration, please get in touch with us at Your warranty remains valid; however, it will need to be added to our new database before any updates or amendments are to be made. 

We encourage you to take advantage of our new form to re-register, please ensure you have all the correct information and documentation readily available. Completing this new form will save you time and the need to contact us, as you'll be able to independently verify the registration of our website.

South Africa Office

+27 10 100 3589

United Kingdom Office

+44 151 832 4300

Hong Kong Office

+852 3704 4979

Australia Office

+61 7 3155 5555

Mainland Europe Office

+31 40 798 7136

Canary Islands Office

+34 822 112 079

USA Office

+1 813 723 2225

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