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Sunsynk L5.1 Battery

The perfect solar storage solution.

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The Sunsynk L5.1 Battery is a high-performance battery that provides reliable power for a range of equipment. It is designed to be used in high power scenarios and its compact size makes it ideal for use in limited spaces. With its long cycle life, the Sunsynk L5.1 Battery is a durable and cost-effective choice for those who need uninterrupted power supply.

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The Sunsynk L5.1 is a high-capacity lithium ion battery with a built-in BMS for maximum safety and longevity. With 5.12kWh capacity and parallelable technology, you can easily upgrade your power supply as your needs change. Its advanced cell balancing technology ensures that each cell is charged and discharged evenly, extending the life of the battery. Order yours today for a reliable and sustainable energy source.

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Don't forget to fully charge your batteries upon installation.

L-Series Battery


Trouble Shooting

When SoC drops 0% and the communication could not be established automatically.

Why sometimes the SoC will not achieve 100% or 0% at the end of charing or discharging.

Beeping at the end of charging stage (99%-100% SoC).

Why the master pack suffered seriously under-voltage.

How to wake up the battery.

Helpful Documents

Software Upgrading

BMS SoC and SoH Estimation

BMS Functional Description with Communication Protocol

DIP Switch Setting

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