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I would like to welcome Jean Joubert to Sunsynk SA

Jean is the Technical Manager for Sunsynk / Deye SA. He will be base at our support office in Ferndale. His contact number is +27 76858 5995 I would like to wish him all the luck in the world I'm sure he's going to do an excellent job.

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Charl Yazbek
Charl Yazbek
Mar 18, 2023

Amazing product!! I have 2 Nissan Leaf's - ChaDemo DC 380V - 24kW per car. I assume the Sunsync will be able to charge the vehicles and battery supply the house? Currently have Grid Tied Micro Inverters, excess power going straight to the grid, and being charged! I would like to rather the power to the batteries - being the Storage, and when power needed, first use the battery, then Grid? Is it possible?


Hi - Who do we contact in South Africa regarding a Sunsynk Inverter that has never worked properly since installation in December 2022. The installer agrees it needs to be replaced but the supplier "Has No Stock" . THank you. Regards Linda Waterfall.


Oct 23, 2022

Good day Jean

Welcome in the hornet's nest.

Job nr: 2237

Serial nr: 2207119625

Contact person: Chantelle

Belief you will be able to assist, here goes:

  1. We purchased the 5kw sunsynk with averge battery and 4550watt solar array. It was installed. There was a small issue and the installer replace an electrical component, however the moment we are having loadshedding the unit shuts down for minute or 3 or when loadshedding ends, the same issue. The installer was investigating several times. Eventually, one month later, when eskom came on at 20:00 the unit sends out an alarm, fault 56 and shuts down.

  2. the installer did an upgrade, but technical support said that the unit needs to come in for repairs.


I need your help please. I'm in Zimbabwe. The 5kw Sunsynk inverter mentions that one needs a 150v PV array for the inverter to start up, I only have 3,000watts (250w panels x 12) which is roughly 56.25v, does this mean that I am unable to upgrade my system to a 5Kw Sunsynk system? Due to limited roof space I am unable to add more panels, is there a work around? PLEASE HELP. You may revert to me on: +263 772 317 942 (WhatsApp) or Email:

Please may you also confirm who is the authorized installer or reseller of the Sunsynk brand of products in Zimbabwe as this will help with Warranty issues and support.


Moe Malumo
Moe Malumo
Oct 15, 2021

Welcome...All the best in your new role.

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