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Sunsynk Connect Data Migration

Dear Customers,

We have now completed phase 2 of 3 of the migration to the new data centre in London, United Kingdom.

From here on, any new users that register on Sunsynk Connect will be registered in “Region 2” and will not be able to connect to any plants in “Region 1”.

We ask all installers, when creating a new plant for you customer, you must logout of Sunsynk Connect and change your to Region 2, as seen below (this will be temporary).

Phase 3 will start in the coming days, and we will start to slowly migrate all current plants, users and data in Region 1 to Region 2.

Once phase 3 is complete, all Sunsynk Connect data will be hosted in the London Data Centre.

Warmest Regards,

Joel Egan

Head of IT.

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