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Tips on commissioning a Sunsynk Inverter

Keith Gough goes through the process of commissioning a #Sunsynk system. Customers can either follow this video or contact the Sunsynk call centre and ask for a brochure that explains the process. Nevertheless, we have summarised Keith’s explanation below:-

1. When commissioning your system and there are multiple batteries, make sure they are connected and talking to each other.

2. Connect #batteries to the inverter.

3. Switch on isolators (between batteries and inverter).

4. Power on the batteries.

5. Make sure the batteries are talking to the inverter (Check LCD display).

6. Ensure the #BMS cables are the right way round.

7. Re-check that communications between the BMS and Inverter are good.

8. If there is a problem with communications, stop what you are doing and check connections.

9. If all good, wait for all normal lights to activate and light up on the inverter.

10. At this stage the batteries are talking to each other.


12. Switch on the Solar array by switching on the isolator (between array and inverter).

13. The solar power (DC) will now charge the batteries (BMS).

14. The system will currently be operating in ‘island-mode’ and there will not send power back on the grid connection.

15. Check all circuits and make sure everything is talking to each other.

16. Switch on the AC and wait 60 seconds before the Inverter indicates the connection.

17. Check the #CT Coil is working. The display on the monitor screen will show the CT Coil setting and the LOAD.

18. Double - check settings.

19. Commission the Data Logger one data logger per inverter. Keith and the #Sunsynk team will be visiting the Netherlands in the next few days to look at a brilliant single-phase system which we feel demonstrates ‘the house of the future’. See you then!

Download PDF • 7.28MB

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