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Sunsynk Busbar

Modular Busbar System

Busbar in situ(1).png

Our unique busbar is an essential component of an electrical distribution system, containing a positive and negative

busbar with four connections for batteries, loads or chargers, and a ground connection.


It serves the purpose of conducting electricity and facilitating the distribution of electrical power between different components, including circuit breakers, transformers, and electrical panels. With its ability to handle high currents and

offer a low-resistance pathway, the Sunsynk Busbar ensures the smooth flow of electricity within the system.

DC BusBar.946.png

Each Sunsynk Busbar has the ability to link to other Sunsynk Busbars thus making

it expandable in length allowing more direct connections of batteries & loads.

Sunsynk Busbar_Product Data Table(2).png
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