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Sunsynk L3.0 Battery

Great for limited installation space and restricted load bearing.

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Sunsynk's new energy storage battery is perfect for supporting reliable power for various types of equipment and systems. The module consists of Lithium-ion phosphate rechargeable batteries with 3.07kWh capacity rated at 51.2V 60Ah with a built-in battery management system.


Our BMS (Battery Management System) also offers a quick paralleling function, so no dip switches are needed, making installation straightforward. 


This battery is designed with comprehensive protection functions, safeguarding against over-discharge, over-charge, over-current, and over-temperature risks. Its intelligent system automatically manages charge and discharge, ensuring balanced current and voltage for every cell. With this advanced technology, you can rely on optimal performance and safety for your devices.

L-Series Battery


Don't forget to fully charge your batteries upon installation.

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Trouble Shooting

When SoC drops 0% and the communication could not be established automatically.

Why sometimes the SoC will not achieve 100% or 0% at the end of charing or discharging.

Beeping at the end of charging stage (99%-100% SoC).

Why the master pack suffered seriously under-voltage.

How to wake up the battery.

Helpful Documents

DIP Switch Setting

Software Upgrading

BMS SoC and SoH Estimation

BMS Functional Description with Communication Protocol

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