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AC coupling a Sunsynk Inverter

how to add storage onto an existing PV system

Pay attention to the settings

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sunsynk is about to introduce a massive game changer into the arena. Take a look at this video.



Hi Keith. Can I connect a CT with a 5A secondary to an 8kW hybrid. I.e.: What is the current limit on the CT input? Marius Fourie.


This AC coupling is a game changer as I have projects where I have already max PV panels connected and the customer wants more PV power because in winter he can not fully charge his battery bank. This gives you the advantage to connect any grid tie inverter and add more PV pannels to the auxiliary input and even produce power while load shedding is happening.(South Africa!!!!!). Not LOAD SHREDDING as was refered to with your one question session!!! We had a good laugh!!!! Only South Africans will understand!!!!!!

What I would like to see is a document which will give more information on settings using the auxiliary input with an micro/inverter. To understand how the inverter will manage the…


Hi Keith, not sure if this is the correct place for this.

The smoothing circuit for a windmill in your installation guide shows 2 sets of three capacitors with 30uf written underneath. Does this mean a total of six 30uf or six 10uf capacitors?

Am i correct in thinking that the aux load only works if a battery is installed and will not work with solar alone?

With a a battery installed and the aux connected to 1.5 kw water heater can it only supply the full 1.5 kw with the battery supplementing power if insufficient PV is available, or can it supply the surplus PV power only even if the PV power is less than 1.5kw E.G. 500 watts?


Hi Daniel, not sure if you got any feedback but my first question is - where are you located & are you allowed to export to the grid? (Do you want to export?)

Secondly, is your distribution board correctly segmented? If the stove is on a segmented, non-essential bus then it will not pull from the inverter and it will just use grid, but you should see the grid supply in the system overview/map (thanks to the CT coil sensor - MUST be installed the correct way!).

Coming from other inverter systems, the Sunsynk settings and concept took a bit of time to get my head around, especially the critical "System Mode" setup. Cheers, Billy


Hi Billy,

No I have not received any feedback. I have taken some pictures to show what is happening which I want to post on the Forum to try and get some help. I am from SA, Gauteng, on the East Rand - Boksburg.

We can export to the grid after going through an application process, but I do not want to go that route now.

Regarding the segmentation of the DB - I do not know exactly. I also don't know of the CT coil sensor is the right way around, but I do know that nothing gets exported so I think it is correct. Initially the stove was left out and remained directly tied to the grid, did…



Hi Keith,

Where can I get more info about the settings to apply on the Inverter for pushing excess power to non-essential loads? The settings on the Inverter itself or from the Web/App portals aren't clear OR if I follow what I have seen I am getting a funny outcome on the flow and dashboard views. My Stove has been connected as non-essential and is mainly running from the Grid. What I want to do is use excess power to power or part-power the Stove and filling in from the Grid for the rest. If there is no excess power the Stove should continue just pulling from the Grid.

I've tried setting Zero Export, unticked Limit to load only and…

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