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AC coupling ( Must Watch )

In this video we demonstrate how to AC coupled an existing inverter into Sunsynk hybrid inverter. This demonstration is an on grid solution, if you're using off grid then there is a different configuration

  1. Intro

2. Demo

Below is a simplified line drawing showing how the configuration is done.

This solution works great with existing systems

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Corneel du Toit
Corneel du Toit
Jul 30, 2023

How does the single CT coil prevent the AC Coupled inverter from exporting to the grid?

Jul 31, 2023
Replying to

The CT coil helps prevent the inverter from exporting electricity to the grid - or "islanding" - by detecting the flow of current. This is how it works:

  1. The CT coil is typically located at the point where the solar system is connected to the grid. It constantly monitors the amount of power that is being drawn from or sent to the grid.

  2. If the CT coil detects that the grid is down (i.e., no current is flowing from the grid), it sends a signal to the inverter.

  3. Upon receiving this signal, the inverter will immediately stop producing AC power, thus preventing any power from being sent back to the grid.

  4. When the grid resumes normal operation, the CT coil…


Looking at the line drawing above is it possible to feed in a pv array directly to the sunsynk with the battery as well as a ac coupling. I plan on having a south east 5kw array with batteries and then possibly at a later date add a second 5kw south west array which would ac couple to the hybrid. Is this possible?



If AC coupeld solar as in schamatic above (so not trough gen port), how to prevend charge always to 100%

Setting it to micro inverter works but always to 100% charge.

Software : M / S / C E.4.2.4

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