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EASTRON METERS - Do you need one?

Updated: May 5

Hi everyone!

Does the distance between your grid mains incomer and inverter exceed 10 meters, resulting in inaccurate power readings? Don't worry! We have a solution for you: installing an EASTRON meter extends the connection distance and ensures precise readings.

These EASTRON meters can be provided by your wholesaler. It is essential that the model number is SDM120CT, as this should come with a CT clamp featuring a 120A/40mA ratio. Using any other EASTRON meter may result in potential inaccuracies.

Contact your wholesaler directly to get the right meter and enjoy accurate power monitoring for your solar power system!

[Information extracted from the images above]


Single Phase Energy Meter

Model: SDM120CT-M

Input: 230V ~ 50/60Hz

40mA CT

[Symbol] 1: Configurable

[Symbol] 2: 1000imp/kWh

IEC62053-21 CI:1

-25ºC ~ +55ºC IP51 CAT II



600V, CAT IIII, 50-60Hz

Accuracy: 0.5%

S1 White S2 Black

Rated Input: 120A

Rated Output: 40mA


Here's the installation document which may help to better explain the Eastron meter!

Eastron 1 phase meter with Sunsynk inverter
Download PDF • 335KB

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