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Practical Commissioning Guide

Keith talks us through the installation done by #ARLK Energy from the UK.

Following advise he has provided, a CT Coil has been placed on the AC power input (to the top single phase inverter). He turns on the power and checks the ‘Normal’ light is illuminated. Checks settings. This inverter is set in bi-directional mode. The bottom inverter is 3-phase. He sets the Battery to ‘Voltage’ and the discharge is 200Amps. It is not charging and there is no requirement for a Grid Signal (no Grid Peak Shaving ). System mode is set ‘Limited to Load’. There is no CT Coil on the lower inverter as no grid power is connected. Testing the house is using 5.99kW with 3.19kW coming from the battery and 2.9kW from the Grid. Select ‘Micro-Inverter’ and ‘Peak Power Shaving’ on the control panel. Job done! 😊

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