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Questions and Answers from our Forum

I have Put together this video covering some of the common questions and answers that people have asked on our forums, I hope it’s not too boring 🙂🙂

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Unknown member
Jan 06

Hi, Ever since the software upgrade on my Sunsync 8kW system, the figures on my app don't make sense anymore as they do not add up. An example is that if I am generating 2Kw from my panels, the combined amount of my feedback into the grid and my consumption can be around 3.5kW, it used to be fine before the upgrade.


Unknown member
Aug 15, 2023

Good day all. Some help please. I have a sunsynk-5k-sg01lp1 inverter. We sold our house and moved with the inverter. However, we realized after taking the inverter out of storage that the wall bracket was still left behind in our previous home. Unfortunately we are unable to go back and get it as we relocated. Any ideas..... where I can purchase a spare bracket please ? Thanks.

Aug 16, 2023
Replying to

Try with a distributor.


Hi there

Just want 2 ask i have a 5kw sunsynk when liadshedding kicks in the inverter shuts down my 2 mppts and the incoming watts falls to 7watts it picks up to normal after about 8 to 10 min any idea what the problem might be thx guys


Read this discussion. May be this can help you here gosloto-from-our-forum. If yes then please mentioned me here.


App and Website offline?

Is anyone else experiencing intermittent faults with the App and website?

Today it has been off for the last 2 hours.

As we have intermittent load shedding I need to be able to modify my inverter settings at short notice and can't do this when its offline.

Can anyone advise if this is a global issue or just with me and if it is being attended to?

Thanks and regards


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