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AC coupling call just a storage batteries in existing system

AC coupling storage battery to existing system it could not be any easier

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Why do I get the request timeout message?


I have a AC coupled SS inverter and battery working from a pre existing inverter and PV via AC Clamp. I've had this for over 10years and has never skipped a beat. The app I used to use to monitor the PV generation doesn't work anymore and zero backup as the company went bust. I'm now looking for something to attach to the pre-existing PV/inverter so I can monitor the daily generation . Something similar to the CT clamp with a simple led interface. Any ideas.



Thanks for your reply. The pre-existing inverter is stand alone which I want to keep that way as I get the fit payments for the excess pv. It also charges up my ss battery via ac coupled through a ss inverter.

All I need is a ct connected to existing inverter so I can them see the production.


HI 5 Sunsynk

Can anyone perhaps explain why my SUNSYNK in inverter keep going offline.. for approximately 15min then it comes back online.

It happend 4 times today.

Is Sunsynk busy with upgrades?

Kind regards

6 days ago

Hi Andy please contact


Why is my app not showing the power flow


How much RF interference will this cause?

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