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Sunsynk 3.6 kW Bi-Directional Hybrid Inverters Call 0151 832 4300 and ask for TOM +44 (0)7707237414 for more information on this amazing machine.

  • 7 kW MPPT

  • 3.6 kW Charger

  • 3.6 kW Inverter

  • Can Run Both On and off Grid

  • Can parallel

  • Can control a Generator

  • Sunsynk UI and platform

  • Compatable with Octopus Agile

Top ten reasons that make our products magic

1- One button programming to configure your Inverter. Using the recommended settings page on the Sunsynk web client, you can choose from the list recommended configuration files to suit your application to speed up the installation process.

2- Excellent after sales support. All our inverters and batteries are supported by the engineers who helped design them.

3- It is a Bidirectional Inverter that can charge and discharge batteries at the same rated power as the inverter.

We do not have a separate charger, we use the power of the inverter in reverse to charge the battery.

4- Push notifications.

The system will automatically notify you of any changes including, load shedding (power outage), battery low, Or other major issues.

5- Our amazing platform and apps that give you full control of your system. You can change any settings from your PC or mobile phone from anywhere in the world provided that you have an internet connection.

6- You can parallel inverters together to form larger systems.

7- The system can operate both on and off grid. In the event of a power cut, the system will act as a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to keep your essentials online.

8- Specially designed information screen to give you a clear understanding of your solar production, battery charge status, or discharge power and grid power usage.

9- It can power boost and even trickle charge a battery from a small cable and provide a larger power output.

10- It has a huge MPPT. For example the 3.6kW inverter has 7.2kW MPPT, that means you can connect a 7.2kW solar array to this tiny bidirectional hybrid inverter.

11- It has a colour touch screen LCD with an easy to understand flow chart showing the status of the inverter, to help you understand exactly what the inverter is doing in real-time. Call 0151 832 4300 and ask for TOM +44 (0)7707237414

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1) I don't like wifi or mobile phones, can I use a Lan cable and a laptop?

2) Can a laptop communicate directly with the inverter, or do I need my internet router?

3) No internet service, no inverter communication?

4) If I use home made LiFeP04 (iron) batteries, do I use lead acid setting? Open loop or do I use BMS communication in the lead acid setting?

5) What bms do you recommend?

Please answer my questions


Hi, I wouldn't think so.

But whats the point of asking they don't answer questions!

I get the idea you can't buy one off the shelf, and they want to install.

A bloke up the road from me had a solar company install three years ago, 2kw grid tie installed on his 40 degree east west roof. The guy will be lucky if he gets 400-500watts at any one time. Oh well only another seven years until he pays it off, lol.


Cobus Els
Cobus Els
Apr 10, 2022

Can it be linked with a 5 kw sunsynk inverter


What about Lifepo4 batteries? In the manual it only states lead acid or Lithium ion.


Ok, lets say the "Load" is for power back up / off grid mode, what about earthing? Do we use the uk household earth, or do we have to keep the earths separate and use a ground spike?

Why don't you answer questions?

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