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Sunsynk Fusion style, Inverter

Hybrid Fusion Inverter range

Hybrid Inverter Yes

Bi Directional Yes

On Grid Yes

Can AC Couple Yes

Export Limiter Yes Inc

Time of use Yes

Earth Bond Relay Built in

AC protector MCB Built in Inc

Off Grid Use Yes

UPS use Yes ( separate output )

Can control a Gen set Yes

full colour LCD Yes

Can parallel Yes

Can mix match parallel Yes

Can add extra batteries Yes

Can bus control Yes

MODBUS  controller Yes

Remote monitoring Yes

Remote setting Can be

WiFi Yes sunsynk connect

Fast battery charge Yes

Battery cycles Over 6000

MPPT solar charger Yes can oversize

Can over size MPPT Yes

Solar isolator Built in

Solar strings X 2

Surge protection Yes

AC connection Plug play in

UPS connection Plug play Inc

Cooling van Super silent

Cooling filter External can replace

Smallest size inverter array 2.5 single phase

Max size inverter array 30 kW single or 3 phase

The product that keeps giving

2.5 kW inverter 2.1 kWh battery

3.6 kW inverter 3.8 kWh battery

5.5 kW inverter 5.2 kWh battery

Super fast installation fully prewired no need to open the unit

Overload 50% surge

Overload protectors Yes

Over temperature protection Yes

Under temperature protection Yes

Energy saving

Auto power saver Yes

Octopus comparability Yes

Fully programmable

And this amazing all in one keeps giving

AC charger Yes

Retrofit Yes

Installation mount bracket and fix to wall

No other parts are required

Hybrid inverter and life po4 battery all in one

CT coil Inc

Battery isolator and Fuse Inc


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5 comentarios

david barkley
david barkley
28 ago 2023

Where can I buy it from as I could install one next week 3.6 kw

Me gusta
29 ago 2023
Contestando a

Check with our distributors, if there's a demand there will be a supply!

Me gusta

TPH ltd
TPH ltd
27 ago 2023

Is the sunsynk fusion on sale in the UK yet??

Me gusta
28 ago 2023
Contestando a

Get in touch with

Me gusta

Yes mine work good.

Me gusta
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