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The Sunsynk App

It's been a long time since I first announced the Sunsynk application software development, we've almost completed the app abe the beta testing data loggers arrived in Hong Kong today, they will be dispatched out to South Africa, UK and other locations this week.

The Android and iPhone version will be released in the next few weeks however, you can log onto the PC version now via if you need access to the IOS or Android app please contact Joel on "".

Note, we are still in the beta stages and the platform / app hasn’t been formally released so you may notice things being added / removed.

We welcome any and all feedback and together we can make this app everything you ever wished for.

Sunsynk Team.

Thank you all for your feedback I hope after the beta testing is complete we will have a lot more constructive comments, as an engineer myself I will always support the professional contractor, the app is basically three apps one for the home user, one for the new installer to using our equipment, and a third app for the professional experienced installers that have all been vetted.

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