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Lifelynk All-In-One Hybrid Inverter

Value-engineered with customers residing in domestic premises in mind.

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The Sunsynk® Lifelynk All-in-One Hybrid Inverter is a new addition to the Sunsynk range. Value-engineered with customers residing in domestic premises in mind. A 4kW model that can easily slot into an average

sized system.

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The Hybrid Inverter is a really useful addition to any power generation system as it can take input DC power from wind turbines, solar panels and generators and AC power from the mains grid. The inverter can measure the power and store it in an attached battery pack for use later when the tariff for mains power is at its most expensive or when there is a reduction in power supply from other sources. Built-in programming will balance the amount of power stored in the battery against the demands of the connected appliances (the load).


The setting-up and control of the inverter can be done either by an easy-to-understand touch screen or via a Wi-Fi connection to your mobile phone or laptop. That way, you can always check your power generation and output while away from your installation.

  • Max. PV input voltage – 500V

  • Max. PV current – 10 d.c.A

  • Max. PV Isc – 12 d.c.A

  • Nominal input / output power – 3600W

  • Max. input / output current – 10 a.c.A

  • Nominal frequency – 50Hz

  • Power factor range – 0.8 Leading - 0.8 Leading

  • Nominal output power – 3600W

  • Nominal AC output voltage – 230 a.c.A

  • Nominal AC frequency – 50Hz

  • Battery voltage range – 40-59 d.c.V

  • Max. charging and discharging current  – 90 d.c.A

  • Type of battery Lithium-ion

  • Ingress protection IP20

  • Protective class Class


  • Operating temperature range – 25° - +60°C (>45°C derating)


  • Simple to programme

  • Straightforward screen design; easier to understand

  • Visual power-flow screen

  • Built-in MPPT trackers

  • Smart battery programming

  • Supports Wi-Fi and GSM monitoring

  • Compatible with mains grid and generators

  • Compatible with wind turbines (built-in charge controller)

  • 230V Single-Phase Pure Sine Wave Inverter

  • Auto-restart while AC is recovering


  • Fully programmable controller

  • Programmable supply priority for battery of grid

  • Programmable multiple operation modes: On-Grid / Off-Grid /
    and UPS

  • Configurable battery charging current and voltage based on the application

  • Configurable AC / Solar / Generator charger priority by LCD settings

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