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Using Wind Turbines with our Inverters

I had a great day out this week in Ireland, looking at a development site where we

tested the wind turbine using the Sunsynk Hybrid inverter, sunsynk operating system and platform at work to dream.

Few Hot Tips

Depending on the power of the wind turbine and the output load, you could consider using a designated Inverter to connect the turbine to the batteries, and a separate Inverter or Inverter is used to discharge the batteries.

Remember all the three-phase inverters have asymmetrical MPPT, so the more significant load on the wind profile or wind curve should be set on the MPPT1

The curve should start withMPPT2 and then switch in MPPT1

Don't forget to ensure that all battery cables are balanced.

We also used four diodes to join the MPPTs together. This allows a 16-point profile rather than eight steps.

I will try and produce a detailed training video on the wiring and programing.

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Unknown member
Mar 05

See page 62 and 63 of the Sunsynk Inverter manual actually. There's some info of how to connect wind turbine 😀


Unknown member
Mar 05

Now, following on from my earlier thread from where the AC is rectified, you could connect to a small dedicated inverter with inbuilt wind charge controller, voltage regulator, mppt and connections for a dump load. This will invert the DC to AC @ 50/60 hertz and then you could connect this to a 'GEN' port of your Sunsynk Inverter - the thought here being that this AC will mimic current/voltage from a generator but this is more of a question/idea. Sunsynk, please comment.


Unknown member
Mar 05

Get your turbine.

Your turbine will churn out an AC current.

Get a 3 bridge rectifier (a combination of about 5 diodes)

Connect your AC and its 3 wires to the 3 inlets of the rectifier.

The other 2 outlets will spit out DC current.

The DC produced is irregular so connect to a constant voltage regulator. Ensure your voltage regulator is connected to a dump load so that it hits the brake on the turbine in extremely windy conditions.

Take the DC from the voltage regulator and connect to the MPPT port on your Sunsynk Inverter.

If both MPPTs are occupied by solar, then another paralleled Sunsynk inverter of the same power is in order - use one of…


Paulus Rebel
Paulus Rebel
Oct 18, 2023

Hi Guys

Just an update. I have my wind turbine now mounted and the controller next to the Sunsynk inverter. However, I am not sure on how to connect the control panel to the inverter?

Any suggestions?

One suggestion was that i require a 3 phase DC Rectifier? Not sure where to buy one? And what size?

The control box i have does have a dump load indicator on it.


Unknown member
Oct 01, 2023

Hi all

as per my experience

if we are using batteries without BMS

The battery % calculated as the follow :( ( ( Battery capacity ) + (the power generated from the pv + input grid + input of Gen ) ) - load )

if we connect the wind turbine directly to the batteries bank through diodes box , and if there was no power from the grid and gen and from the pv’s for some reason , the inverter will calculate only the discharge load without adding the power charged from the wind turbine, this issue it will cause to shutdown the system

i solved the problem by increasing the battery capacity from 10 kw to 50 kw

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