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2 x 50kW Sunsynk Hybrid Inverters Wired in Parallel into 120 kWh Battery array

Updated: Jul 6

As promised this is the first video showing two Sunsynk 50 kW Hybrid inverters working together in parallel with a 120 kWh battery array a double-headed monster

  1. The batteries can't have a common Buzzbar, they are wired separately with one inverter one battery

  2. Each Inverter has two battery ports 50 Amp Each (they can parallel on the same inverter )

  3. Use the BMS 1 Port on the inverter

  4. Ensure good BMS Comms

  5. Take great care with HV Batteries always use rubber gloves.

  6. Software Version MCU 3102 F051

  7. Currently Max in parallel 5

More to come next week

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