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3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter: The Mini Beast's Endless Possibilities

Parallel up to 16 batteries with the 3.6kW Ecco Inverter

If you’ve been around for a little while, you may have heard our CEO Keith, discussing "The Mini Beast" across our social media platforms. Today, we're diving deep into the remarkable potential of our compact system – Sunsynk’s 3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter. Despite its unassuming size, this inverter is truly a force to be reckoned with, offering an abundance of great features that make it a game-changer in the world of renewable energy solutions.

The Best Things Come in Small Packages

When it comes to energy solutions, limited space shouldn't limit your options. The 3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter is designed to fit snugly into small spaces (in compliance with installation guidance, of course!). Tuck it under the stairs, in the loft, or your utility room - wherever you are, this inverter's compact design ensures that you don't have to compromise on energy solutions due to lack of space. Don’t be fooled by its size, the 3.6kW Ecco can certainly pack a punch…read on to find out more!

The British Weather Won’t Rain on our Parade!

We’re very experienced when it comes to the unpredictable nature of British weather, and there’s a common misconception that solar systems are incapable of functioning in poor weather conditions. That’s not true!

Our 3.6kW Ecco’s are equipped with large Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) capabilities, this inverter can handle oversized solar panel arrays. By pairing an oversize solar array with our inverter system, you can expect a more stable and consistent energy output, even on cloudy days. Thanks to the inverter's extra capacity and advanced tracking capabilities, your energy needs will be met, rain or shine.

Supersize your System: Endless Possibilities

Delivers up to 3.4kW to your battery whilst simultaneously supplying 3.6kW to your home

The more energy you can store, the more money you can save, and the Mini Beast can support up to 16 batteries in parallel, allowing up to 85kWh of battery storage! That’s not all, though. You can even parallel up to 16 inverters, giving a potential output of 57.6kW of energy!

Why don’t you parallel three of these inverters to create a modular three phase system? You might ask why this is better than a singular three phase inverter with a higher capacity; the flexible nature of this set-up allows for easy scalability in a more cost-effective manner. Also, if one of your inverter’s experiences a fault, there are two more still in action to provide uninterrupted power.

Get Connected: In More Ways than One

What about those moments when solar production is low, or energy demands surge unexpectedly? The 3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter has you covered. Compatible with generators, you can now enhance your energy independence. During periods of low solar output, high-energy demands, or in remote locations, your trusty generator will kick in as a backup power source. The result? Uninterrupted power supply, regardless of the situation – perfect for the winter months.

And that's not all! We've also ensured that the 3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter seamlessly integrates with an off-grid uninterrupted power supply (UPS). What's the magic trick? This inverter allows simultaneous output to the grid and the load. Effectively, you're doubling the inverter's output capability to a formidable 7.2kW. Also, did you know that these inverters play well with wind turbines too? You can now harness both wind and solar energy with just one versatile inverter.

Conclusion: Unleash the Mini Beast!

In a world where bigger often seems better, the 3.6kW Hybrid Ecco Inverter challenges conventions. Its compact size belies its extensive capabilities. From handling unpredictable weather to accommodating batteries, inverters, generators, and even wind turbines, this mini marvel is a true game-changer. Don't let its size fool you - it's time to embrace "The Mini Beast" and unlock the endless possibilities it brings to the table.

Ready to Learn More?

Contact us your nearest distributor today to find out how the 3.6kW Ecco Hybrid Inverter can meet your unique requirements.

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Does this really happen I have 7kw of penels on very sunny day can't get more than 3.7 out of system I assume as I have 3.7kw how can it allow more than 3.7kw if that's case why would you get a bigger invertor as recommended by my installer after I pointed out to them my utilistaion shows approx 57% 3.7/7. . Have a sunsynk battery is something wrong or there some setting I need to split load like this . PV coming in wont go above 3.7 kw have 2 mppt connections coming in so it's not that have only one mppt working they both show eqalish flows but wont go above 3.7 together??

Unknown member
Sep 28, 2023
Replying to

after watching this again i worked out there's setting called max solar power it was set to 3800 not the amount of my solar panels and not the 3.7 i thought invertor could handle . called my installer to complain looks like a lot of their customers had it stuck on 3800 they called sunsynk and they said it should have matched settings of my max solar capacity it didnt.

How to change/check it from app goto equipment, select your invertor , settings advanced settings and there should be max setting the one throttling it . There's only been a few times this week its been sunny and it has now gone to more than 3800 a few times. The…

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