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Fault Codes Blog

I have set up a forum on web site just dealing with fault codes.

We have put up the common causes in the common fault codes, the form can be added to and edited by anybody I think it is an excellent place to share common knowledge and help each other.

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Unknown member
Mar 23

Hi everyone, I have picked up this problem after a few years of operation. Any advice will be helpful.


Good day.

F26: BusUnbalance_Fault

F26 - The DC busbar is unbalanced

The inverter will report the F26 error when the hybrid is in split phase mode, and the load of L1 and L2 are different, which will damage the IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor)

PROBLEM: This is a headscratcher for me because I run 220V single phase on a 16kW inverter.

There is no split phasing in this setup. Any other reason or symptom that could cause this?

Only happens when the grid input is unavailable, otherwise system runs normal. Seems if I reduce the load by a margin, inverter operates normally.

CONNECTED: 20kW Sunsynk batteries and 3 PV strings of about 20kW total, surge arrestors and a time delay…


Hi, What is F01 DC Inversed Failure?

Nov 23, 2023
Replying to

It appears that the polarity of either your battery or photovoltaic (PV) system may be inverted. The PV system is the most probable culprit, as a reversed polarity connection on the battery could potentially harm the inverter.

Please refrain from using your inverter until you have thoroughly verified the connections of both your battery and PV system.


I have a powerlynk unit 3.6 kw. The unit can only uitput 2 kw. The battery is set to discharge at 75 amp, but this only discharge at 42 amp. The power pins also looks very small to me. Can this handle the specified currents for this unit?


ben stoltz
ben stoltz
Sep 27, 2023

good day.

what does the green B000 mean in the fault circle.

thank you

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