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Low Power Mode

Note, this feature is not available for the South Africa market yet.

A series of training videos showing how to upgrade the Sunsynk inverters to enable low-power mode is particularly useful for countries with little or no Sunshine during the winter months.

Comm E429

3.6 MCU 2383

5.5 MCU 3383

This also has the G98 G99 and NI G98 NI G99 standards

If you need access to the new firmware and LCD please contact

Keith Gough Describing the Feature

Keith and Ronald Demo of Low Power Mode

Detailed Settings on Low Power Mode

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I had the low power upgrade loaded to my 3.6 hybrid system. It’s clearly ‘buggy’. Sunsynk are prevaricating on taking this seriously despite the photos below that clearly show that the house appears to be drawing 310 watts more than is being supplied by the grid, batter and panels.

If you can’t trust what your being shown, it throws into question the integrity of the entire system.


Feb 28, 2023

I got the new update but the battery screen has remained the same



Has it been pulled? Is it only rack mount batteries?


Feb 28, 2023

Why does this only work when the battery is low? Why not allow it to go into low power when the battery hits the SoC for the time period and there is no solar?

So at 1am i charge with eco7 to 90%. It reaches that at say 3am. From 3am to 7.30am i am running from grid while the electric is cheap. There is no solar.

This is an ideal time to go into low power but this feature just doesn't cater for that

You need an option on the timer screen where you tick a box for each period that basically means 'go into low power when SoC reached"


Feb 27, 2023

Why does the company not answer any questions on this forum? Complete waste of energy.


hi I'm new to Sunsynk just been installed how do you get the sunsynk logger app onto a Mac book I can only get the app which is great but cannot change any setting on the inverter from it

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