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Sunsynk Update, App & Roadshow

At long last we are about to launch our new application software Joel has created a series of training videos which are very useful.

The application can be downloaded from google play store and apple app Store (next week) or it can be accessed directly from

For more information contact Joel Egan <>

  1. How to Connect the Data Logger

  2. How to create a customer type

  3. How to set the revenue information

  4. How to edit the inverter settings

  5. How to share a plant

  6. How to transfer a plant

  7. How to Upgrade the Inverter Firmware

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Pete Theunissen
Pete Theunissen
Nov 20, 2021

Can the Sunsynk App work with the Smart Solarman dongle?


Hi Keith

I been following you on YouTube. I am very sorry I bought and installed 3

5kw Deye hybrid inververters because the support and information is nothing

like yours. Because the Deye is nearly the same as the Sunsynk I wouldike

to know if I could use the Sunsynk Software and App for my Deye until I eventually

Buy Sunsynk.


Nov 15, 2021
Replying to

Unfortunately due to licensing we can’t change really sorry


Hi, I've just connected my new data logger and while it appears to be functioning perfectly, it doesn't seem to reflect the same information shown on the inverter's display panel ?


Is this data logger able to provide real time data? i.e. it is not delayed like the Solarman logger.

Paul ZA
Paul ZA
Nov 23, 2021
Replying to

It appears to update in 1 minute intervals currently


Keith, Are the new dataloggers commercially available as yet

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