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This has always worry me

The state-run Dutch Radiocommunications Agency has launched an investigation into whether PV inverters pose a threat to the cybersecurity of the electricity system in the Netherlands, according to Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy Rob Jetten.

In a document published on the Dutch parliament's website, Jetten said that Internet of Things devices such as PV inverters can pose a risk to the electricity grid.

“To mitigate the risks of these devices, we focus on prevention, awareness, and additional legislation that makes products more resilient to digital attacks,” he said. “The Radiocommunications Agency will enter into discussions with the relevant manufacturers on how to improve cybersecurity.”

A Dutch hacker known as “Jelle Ursem” recently gained access to PV systems operated via a monitoring tool developed by Chinese manufacturer Solarman, according to Tweakers, a Dutch media outlet.

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