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Using a generator with Sunsynk inverter

I have produced this video to try to explain and demonstrate the use of a generator with our inverter, I hope the video is useful and it's probably long time in coming, I've tried to keep it as simple as possible

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Good day, I have a 12KVA 3 phase hybrid inverter. Do I need an ATS to start a generator that has electric start?

Thank you.


Programming the parameters is simple but you had just touched at the end on a very important topic of the actual generator quality - this is the quality of the power wave coming from the generator.... and the range/sizes of generator, power output quality and its power output amounts not being discussed leaves us in a state of unknowing. Please continue with this subject as you have a great way of explanation.


Love your T shirt must be from SA


Helped clear up some questions we had. Thanks for you help !


Thanks Keith, very informative... A follow-up video on using micro-inverters would be great please...

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